Cold Furnace Studios Rebrands as Early Warning Entertainment

25 August 2020 (Truro, Nova Scotia) – Cold Furnace Studios Inc., the independent game developer, today announced it has changed its name to Early Warning Entertainment Inc. The move is part of a more general rebranding that emphasizes the Company’s military ethos and global outlook in the world of digital entertainment.

“As we move closer to the launch of our debut game and continue to grow as a company on the whole, we felt it was time to rebrand in a way that better represents our broader identity,” said CEO Lori Shepherd. “We are a diverse digital entertainment company with a strong military ethos and military origins that brings talent together from all over the country and the world.”

Early Warning Entertainment is currently working on its first title, Atrocity: Field of Hands, an immersive, military first-person shooter. The Company employs military veterans and others from around the world in a remote team model. Aside from developing video games, the Company also provides military advisory to the entertainment industry. Early Warning is committed to bringing a new level of realism and authenticity based on its combat veterans' experiences to digital and other forms of entertainment.


Early Warning Entertainment produces digital entertainment and provides Military Advisory for the entertainment industry. The Company is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Early Warning Entertainment is veteran operated. Members of Early Warning Entertainment, serving and retired, include Canadian Armed forces and US Military. Learn more at

Press Contact
Name: Lori Shepherd