Team Interview – Chief Military Advisor!

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders
Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders

Mark Wheeler waits for fire orders.


Mark Wheeler has a vision. A soldier and avid gamer, he’s combined his career and his love of games to build a dream: a company focused on creating a new era of military-themed entertainment.

“We’re offering realistic experiences, whether that means access to authentic weapons or having to make the kinds of tactical and ethical decisions soldiers are faced with every day in actual war zones,” said Mark.

Mark has spent 25 years and counting as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Currently a serving combat arms Warrant Officer, his service history includes extensive experience in both military leadership and combat. Mark began his military career during the waning days of the Cold War, where he was a member of the Ace Mobile Force Land (AMFL) involved in helicopter operations. He has been deployed in a number of international conflicts, including multiple tours in the Balkans and Afghanistan.

As a Paratrooper, Mark jumped with 3RCR, as well as the 82nd Airborne, where he earned his American jump wings. While a member of F Battery 2RCHA, he was involved in dismounted mortars for evacuation operations in support of M Coy 3RCR. Mark’s broad experience brings both the kind of leadership that Cold Furnace needs to grow as a company, as well as the military understanding necessary to bring authenticity to the entertainment industry.

“We’re really committed to building something that utilizes the experience of veterans and military beyond their years of service,” Mark said. Cold Furnace employs veterans in both its military advisory and digital entertainment branches, including as writers and artists.

Mark also enjoys recreational shooting and “marching to beat of his own accordion.” A native of Halifax, he currently lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


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