Team Interview- Community rep and smack talker checks in from overseas deployment

[Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces]

Community Rep and Smack Talker [Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces] checked in this week, four months into a nine-month overseas deployment.

“It is hot here and getting hotter each day, which is not the best news for a fair-skinned, half-ginger day walker like myself,” he joked.

[Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces] is an Artillery Officer and SME in the area of fire support for the Canadian Armed Forces, where he has served for the last 12 years. He joined Cold Furnace a little over 2 years ago as one of the company’s original members.

“My experience lends me a very extensive understanding of the entire process of fire support and equipment being used, the munitions being fired or dropped, the ballistic paths to a given target and the effects that would be delivered at the other end, not to mention the tactical process of making it all happen. I think this benefits Cold Furnace, which is well on its way to making an ultra-realistic military game, given the huge capital in military experience under its belt.”

[Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces] found an outlet for an abundance of pre-adolescent energy at the age of 12 in Taekwon-do. He went on to win several Canadian championships, representing Team Canada in both the Junior and 18+ World Championships in Malaysia 2004 and Slovenia 2007, respectively.

After that, he shifted his focus to a military career, graduating from the Royal Military College in 2009 with a BA in political science. [Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces] is currently working towards his Master’s in International Relations. He calls himself a “political junkie” but has promised not to talk too much politics around the “office.”

“I was drawn to Cold Furnace because I knew and worked with Mark Wheeler (in the military), and you could tell that his vision is important and that he is deeply passionate about it. I love video games and I love the military, so it’s a great fit. I’m personally invested in this project and company, and I know it’s going to be successful.”

“They are also a real fun bunch of people, and I’m sure we’ll be the toughest guys on the block at future conventions,” he says with a wink.

[Name redacted by the Canadian Armed Forces] will continue to stay connected with Cold Furnace throughout his deployment, and we look forward to having him back full time. What’s this Ottawa-native most looking forward to after getting home? Eggs, runny and sunny side up, and a rare steak.

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