Team Interview – UE4 Game Dev! Fast cars, faster computers drives this game developer

Terry Sznober
Terry Sznober

Terry Sznober on the range.

Terry Sznober has a thing about fast cars and faster computers. He drives a sleek, electric blue Subaru BRZ sports coupe and programmed his own 3D graphics when the rest of the world was just learning about Windows.

Terry taught himself to code graphics on a Tandy Color Computer 2 when he was just 12 years old. The Color Computer 2 made its debut in 1983 with 64 kilobytes of memory. Too bad race cars haven’t developed at the same pace as computers.

Today, Terry works with somewhat more sophisticated tools as a Cold Furnace Unreal Engine Game Developer.

“I always wanted to be part of a game studio where I really had the opportunity to build something awesome from the ground up,” said Terry recently. “This team that we have been building is great. Everyone is enthusiastic and works really well together. It has been a great experience.”

Terry Sznober
Terry Sznober

At the moment, Terry is excited about some of the special effects he’s developing for the studio’s debut game, Atrocity: Field of Hands. We can’t reveal any more at the moment,  but Terry says “they will be very cool and give the game that element of realism that we’re really going for.”

Terry’s first game industry job came at Sandbox Studios in 2000, where he worked as a game programmer. There, he helped develop 2 published titles: Hoyle Card Games for the Nintendo Gameboy Color, and Blast Lacrosse for the PlayStation. He also worked on an early Gameboy Advance prototype hardware that was about the size of an iPad mini as we known them today.

After this stint in the video game industry he worked at various technology companies as a software engineer. But he always kept an eye on the game industry and worked on personal side projects.

Terry decided coding for video games was his dream from the first time he saw an arcade machine at a local grocery store years ago. And today he’s not worried about computer speed – he recently built his own computer to ensure he had a “super fast and very powerful PC so that I can do whatever it takes.”

“I’m really happy to finally get back into game development in a major way. Cold Furnace is an amazing up-and-coming studio, and I am very proud to have been there since its early days.”

A native of Saint John, New Brunswick, he is also thrilled to be fostering a game studio “right where I live.” Cold Furnace is located just a couple towns over, in Fredericton.

Asked about his favorite video game currently available, Terry replied: “I really liked Halo on Xbox. You feel like you’re in a different world. I felt compelled to play it through to the end. Another genre of games I absolutely love are racing games. Forza, Need for Speed and Driveclub have been some of my favorites.

If he could have any sports car? The Ferrari 812 Superfast (2018).

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