Early Warning Joins Fair Play Alliance

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Fair Play Alliance

Joining forces with a global collective of gaming organizations to counter toxic online behavior, Early Warning is pleased to join the Fair Play Alliance, formed this year to advocate fair play and best practices in online games. Early Warning joins over 70 international companies across the industry in this initiative.

“As a company, Early Warning is about inclusivity, and helping to support all gamers in enjoying a harassment and disruptive-free environment is something we should all strive for,” said Lori Shepherd, Cold Furnace Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “This is the key to being able to realize gaming as a real medium to tell complex stories.”

Twitch, Epic Games, Blizzard, Riot, Xbox and Intel are among some of the companies that originally teamed up to form the alliance, which is also committed to sharing research and an open forum for the gaming industry to collaborate.

Early Warning is veteran owned and operated, and Shepherd described the military’s sense of esprit de corps as central to its corporate philosophy, as well as the┬ákind of attitude she hopes to help foster in online gaming.

“It’s all about good competition and respect at the same time,” continued Shepherd. “We want to continue to make gaming an awesome experience for everyone.”

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