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Jeff Shaver, on Wall Street with the Charging Bull.
Jeff Shaver, on Wall Street with the Charging Bull.

Jeff Shaver, on Wall Street with the Charging Bull.

Early Warning Chief Financial Officer Jeff Shaver has a passion for Southern BBQ, Elvis weddings and long, winding road trips. He also has a passion for making sure Canadians pay their taxes. Well, not exactly. But he did spend more than 30 years working for the Canada Revenue Agency.

After a long career in public service, where he most enjoyed drafting legislative proposals, Jeff is enjoying working for Early Warning and running Armchair Financial Canada, a personal finance and investment blog.

“I’m committed to supporting veterans and the military community, and I really liked the personalities involved in Early Warning,” he said, referring to Chief Military Advisor Mark Wheeler and company founder Lori Shepherd. “And I have the experience on the finance and tax side of things to do the business planning, forecasting and tax work the company needs. So this is a good fit for me.”

“Jeff is a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor and the skills and dedication to be just the kind of CFO and board member we need at the company,” said founder and Chief Executive Officer Lori Shepherd. “He’s a great match for Early Warning.”

An Ottawa native, Jeff holds a degree in Commerce from Carleton University. He enjoys Canadian indigenous art, including works from Haida and Inuit artists. And Elvis, of course.

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